Mark Martich
Based in Austin, Texas

As a kid I would sneak my fathers Super S video camera and put it on a tripod and recreate the scenes of my favorite actors. 


My favorite part of being in the video field is inspiring others to showcase their true selves and capture that aspect of who they are and why. I think that sometimes video can be so rehearsed but the best moments tend to be that natural humanistic aspect that captures a subject in their environment showing who they truly are as a person. 


All phases of production inspire me to learn and create my own body of work but I feel everything I encounter has a connection to what can be created. 


I have learned that you can’t just pick up a camera and create a Spielberg production, but what I do love about this industry is that with hard work and dedication anyone in today's age can pick up a camera and begin to learn and create incredible videos over time. It takes thousands of hours of trial and error and learning through ones experience and mistakes to get to the point of professionalism and even then your always still learning and working to perfect your craft. I am happy with my work to this date but never satisfied because I believe it is that dissatisfaction that leads you to continue to work toward perfection and continue to elevate your craft. You can have a wonderful and amazing vision and dream but if you don’t take the day in day out steps you will never create that dream. 

 Random Facts about me

• My family inspires me on a daily basis especially my wife who is an amazing photographer and shoots videography with me, go team Martich! 

• We have a Great Dane named Rhett.

• I love to play golf sometimes more than film but they counterbalance.

• I love pizza and burgers if I could eat them everyday I would be in heaven…but if I did I would be in heaven much sooner. 

• Self improvement is something I work on everyday I feel its not about being better than anyone else but always being better then the person you were.

• I love that no matter what, I will always do what I love which is film. 

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